On May 18 will take place the “ASLA DIRITTO al FUTURO” event, held in Milan: in the beautiful Palazzo Mezzanotte, the Italian stock exchange headquarters, will represent the first event in Italy dedicated to the next generation of lawyers and the innovation in the legal profession.

With the participation of institutions and speakers of international renown, “Right to the future” will include lectures, conferences, workshops, debates led by experts, scholars, institution representatives, universities and leading figures of the economic, social, cultural, artistic, national and international scene, who will meet and discuss the major themes of innovation and the future of the legal profession, in a context where law will intersect science, technology, culture, art, entertainment and sport in order to combine in new ways of perceiving the legal profession.

Maria Roberta Perugini personally contributed to the event, organizing, in the context of the “Organization” thematic area, the panel “The legal profession: which role in the digital market?” with the participation of Marianna Vintiadis -Country Manager Kroll Italy – and Claudio Rorato – Director of the Professional and Digital Innovation Observatory of the Politecnico di Milano – and Stefano Quintarelli – Chairman of the steering committee of the Agency for Digital Italy – who will moderate the discussion as well.

The speakers will confront themselves, bringing their professional experience, on the new skills and abilities- technical but also organizational and relational – that the lawyer must acquire to integrate himself into the business 4.0 value chain.

Maria Roberta Perugini will also be the moderator, as well as the organizer, of the panel that will address the current issue of “Right to be forgotten” with the paticipation of Stefano Sutti – Partner of Studio Legale Sutti – and Nicolò Bastaroli of the Ealixir company.

Find herewith attached the program and to participate please register here for free.